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Sapidus Roast

Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription

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Welcome to the Sapidus Roast Subscription!

Discover the art of exceptional coffee with our exclusive Sapidus Roast subscription service. Join a vibrant community of coffee lovers who appreciate the extraordinary and savour the richness of every brew.

With our subscription, you'll receive our finest, freshly roasted coffees delivered straight to your door. Each month, explore unique and diverse flavours, meticulously crafted to provide an unforgettable coffee experience.

Why Subscribe?

  • Quality & Freshness: Enjoy freshly roasted beans, ensuring peak flavour and aroma in every cup.
  • Exclusive Access: You won't miss out on our latest release.
  • Convenience: Hassle-free delivery means you’ll never run out of your favourite coffee.
  • Community: Connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts and share your love for extraordinary coffee.

Embrace the luxury, fun, and authenticity of Sapidus Roast. Elevate your coffee ritual and savour the richness of every moment. Subscribe today and let every cup be a journey of delightful flavours!


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About the farm

Julio Madrid is the director of the joint farms, Finca La Riviera and Finca Milan where were first cultivated by Julio's ancestors over fourty years ago. Finca La Riviera is located in Verada La Estrella in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal in the Risaralda department of Colombia.

Julio Madrid has dedicated himself to the production of quality coffees. As a third-generation coffee producer, Julio has focussed on producing coffee varieties that are relatively rare in Colombia and are known for their complex cup profiles. Julio's daughter Maria Antonia Madrid, is a biologist who has researched the organoleptic impact of using microbial starter cultures in coffee fermentation, helping Julio to improve his processing methods. Julio has designed and perfected different fermentation protocols for a variety of methods, including washed, honey, natural, cold press, culturing and nitrogen fermentations.

Brew Guide

BEST USED 8-18 days after roast

Medium - coarse grind

DOSE: 20g, WATER: 300g

TEMPERATURE: 90 - 92 degreesC

POURS: 3 even pours of 100g

Store in a cool, dry place.

Freeze 10 days after roast

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