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Red Honey

Red Honey

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Red Honey was born from the farm Finca Campo Hermoso by Edwin Norena. Norena is innovative with his processing techniques which shows with the quality of his coffee. This coffee has aromas of freshly pulped coffee cherries and floral heliotrope, tasting notes of juicy Fuji apple, with hints of vanilla and citrus. It has a lovely malic acidity with a silky body. 

Keen to nerd out about the process? Then read on...

The coffee cherries undergo a double fermentation. A double fermentation is the extended process of washing raw coffee beans which results in lower levels of acidity and bitterness. The beans undergo 106 hour soak in mossto with IPA hops. Mossto is the runoff of a prior fermentation batch (so leftover cherry pulp, similar to wines unfermentated crushed grape juice and solids). After this, coffee cherries are de-skinned and anaerobically fermented a further 72 hours and finish with sun drying for 25days.

This process not only accentuates the fruity notes but also balances the coffees sweetness and acidity which results in it distinctive and rich flavour profile. 

Red Honey is a process within itself. Specifically, much of the fruit flesh is left on the beans during the drying phase, which contributes to the coffee's complex and aromatic qualities. 

We very much enjoyed this coffee and the flavours it presents!!!


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About the farm

Finca Campo Hermoso, managed by Edwin Norena, is located in Circasia, Quindio, Colombia, and spans 15 hectares. Edwin Norena is a third-generation coffee farmer known for his innovative approaches to coffee processing. His farm produces various coffee varietals, including Yellow Bourbon and Pink Bourbon, using experimental fermentation techniques that incorporate elements from the craft beer industry.

Edwin Norena employs unique fermentation processes, such as anaerobic fermentation and co-fermentation with ingredients like hops and dehydrated fruits. For example, one of his processes involves a triple fermentation stage where coffee cherries are initially fermented in their whole form, then de-pulped for a secondary fermentation, and finally undergo a third anaerobic fermentation with additives like Galaxy hops​ (Roast
)​​ (Future Classic Coffee)​​(TasteGround)​. This meticulous approach results in distinctive coffee profiles that balance acidity, sweetness, and complex flavours like fruit loops and tropical IPA​
(Honest Coffee Roasters)​​
(Three Marks Coffee)​.

Norena's dedication to quality and innovation has earned him international recognition. He is a certified Q-grader, a judge for the Colombian Cup of Excellence, and a consultant in coffee processing​ (Roast Magazine)​​ (Future Classic Coffee)​. His farm, Finca Campo Hermoso, is celebrated for producing exceptional coffees that are highly sought after by specialty coffee roasters around the world​ (Roast Magazine)​​ (TasteGround)​​
(Three Marks Coffee)​.

Brew Guide

We predominantly use an Origami dripper with flatbed filters.

Best used:
8-18 days after roast

Medium to coarse

20g coffee, 300g water

92 – 94 Deg C

Pours: 3 even pours of 100g

Time: Aiming for between 3min and 3:30min

Store in a cool, dry place

Freeze 10 days after roast to preserve quality

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