Meet Zac

I’m Zac Stubblety-Cook OAM, some may know me from my sporting pursuits in the pool, however this is only one part of my life. Anyone that knows me knows I am a passionate person often obsessing over my latest hobby or pursuit and the world of coffee is no exception. I met Leah through swimming and our relationship grew over conversations about coffee. Traveling together we always searched for unique and flavourful brews, and whenever we could, we shared those brews with others.

My coffee journey began out of necessity during long days of school and training. Seeking better options, I moved from instant coffee to using an Aeropress, hand grinder, and scales, delving into the world of filter coffee. My first real coffee experience at Supernumerary, with its uniquely processed coffee, blew my mind. Since then, I’ve tasted some of the world’s best coffees and shared these experiences with my closest friends.

Meet Leah

I’m Leah Neale OLY, one of the passionate founders of Sapidus Roast. As an elite athlete, my need for caffeine kick-started my love affair with coffee. It was through swimming that I met my life partner, Zac, and together through our love for finding unique and flavourful brews, we brought Sapidus Roast to life.

My journey began with a practical need for caffeine but evolved into a true passion for brewing the perfect cup. Some of my fondest memories involve sharing these unique flavours with family and seeing their amazement at how fun and diverse coffee can be. Through these moments, coffee transformed from a mere necessity into a passion that I wanted to share. This passion has blossomed into a deep commitment to delivering exceptional coffee experiences to our family, friends, and now, the wider community through Sapidus Roast.